Elena Sanchez

Elena Sanchez

Actress / Stuntwoman

Stairfall Chainsaw Texas Massacre 3D

The Louisiana StuntWomen’s Initiative (LSWI) is a campaign designed to boost casting opportunities for women stunt performers living and working in Hollywood South. Stuntwomen here are talented, eager and fit all casting types. Therefore, LSWI was established to help productions increase casting women performers in all stunt roles including stunt coordinators, doubles, utility stunts, stunt acting roles, stunt rigging and unrecognizable gender roles such as puppets and costume characters.

LSWI will work with production companies and stunt coordinators to reflect the American Scene, defined by Screen Actor’s Guild/AFTRA as a realistic portrayal of life in America. We maintain a database of appropriate women for stunt or action roles, and if our database doesn’t have the right woman that meets a script’s needs, we will search all of Louisiana to find the right woman.

Currently, women represent only 23.5% of acting roles in US productions. In the action/adventure genre, just 23% of speaking characters are female, while women performing stunt work in American films is less than 15%. Furthermore, less than 1% of all stunt coordinators are women. In a world where women make up 51% of the population representing the American Scene, these numbers are remarkably low.

This shouldn’t be, for another reason: Stuntwomen add interest and excitement to productions. It is for this reason that Louisiana StuntWomen’s Initiative was founded.

For additional inquiries, please contact us. We are here to help.